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Once you have searched the internet looking for the best online lash course, you keep coming back here.  But its a scary decision, because honestly, no one wants to spend that kind of money to be disappointed and find out they arent getting all the information and guidance they expected.  You dont want to be left with more questions than answers.

We've been where you are right now.  We started out exactly the same way.  We were disappointed, we wasted money, we had to learn from mistakes and blindly network with people (who probably had no more experience than we did). We struggled.  We know what you are going through.  That is why, after 10 years of lashing,  we designed a course with you in mind.  Our goal is to teach you everything we know, empower and guide you along the way to becoming a successful lash artist.  We are in the midst of a billion dollar industry, and you need to be part of it.

Once you hit the purchase button, you will be able to choose your start date.  

You will receive a confirmation Email with all the info on how to access your new course.

Our Course is Super Easy to access and  follow.  No need to email, or download other apps to submit your work.  We have it all covered to make it the most convenient online course you can find.

While you wait for your kit to arrive, you can immedately start the online portion of the course.

There are 13 modules for you to work through.  Some are short reads, and some are longer and more in depth.  By module 9, you will need your kit to start following along and practicing lashes on your manequin.  You will follow along with the video while unpacking your kit as well as other videos that give you step by step instructions on how to  perform every detail.  We explain it all!. 

There are quizzes scattered throughout.  Make sure you finish them.  You will  take the quiz over until you get it right.  This ensures that you go back and study and understand all the information.  Once you submit your passing quiz, it will be sent directly to us.  You will need a printer to print some of the work.  We also supply a waiver you can use for your clients.  All quizzes, work and photos must be submitted to receive your certificate.

After your last module and your final quiz,  you will need to find a live model to apply lash extension.  Don't worry, there is no hurry and you will have lots of practice before you get to this point.  Once you finish you model, you will upload to pictures that we have requested.  It's super easy and convenient.

Once we grade your work and your tests, we will send you a certificate in the mail, and give you a digital badge, where you can connect with others who have taken the same course, the ability to share pictures, complete future challenges, access downloadable items and continue ongoing support.  Don't forget, you will also have access for your lifetime discount on products based on which course and kit you picked.  

If there are any questions during your course, you can message us at any time and we will be happy to help or answer any questions.  

This is the most convenient, most informative, and easiest flowing lash course on the internet.  You can do it all right from your phone, computer or tablet.  And everything in your kit is available to purchase and replenish on our website.  Plus, with the ongoing support, and all the rewards we listed, you are getting every pennys worth.  

Your success is our success!

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