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Welcome to the first chapter of your success story

Let's compose it together

Our Eyelash Extension course comes complete with everything you need to begin your eyelash business.  You can choose from the basic kit, or you can upgrade to the "open for business kit".

With the basic kit, you have everything you need to learn, practice and complete 20 sets of lashes.  It comes with all the items  you need to continue practicing before opening your business.

With the Open for Business kit, you have everything for 50 sets of lashes, plus the extra tools that are crucial to your success.  This kit will have everything you need to start  your business immediately.  With the added value and discounted prices, this kit is what you need.

By the end of this course, through hard work and practice, you will be able to demonstrate the ability to safely apply a variety of lash styles.   You will learn to troubleshoot and correct your procedures for the ultimate lash retention and how to adjust your tools to work for you.  Our course includes videos, quizzes and some of the best information you can find.  With ongoing support through our exclusive artist forums you can network and communicate with other artists and coaches to advance your career like you never thought possible.

You are going to love this course and the new life your are creating!

Basic Kit

Photo of basic kit

Open for Business Kit

Photo of large kit
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