Ombre Powder Brows For Beginners

Photo of Ombre Powder Brows Training kit
PMU Machine
Train Case


Training  Only $599

With small kit $949

With Large Kit $1299

Permablend Pigments

     Learn the art of the perfect brows.  Your clients will be astonished at the amount of knowledge and standards you have set for yourself. Here is what you will learn in this course

  • How to map out the brows perfectly for each client. 

  •  Needles and choosing the correct cartridge.

  •  Anaesthetics and and how each one affects the skin.

  •  Color packing techniques and when to use them.

  •  PMU equipment and specifications

  • Setting up your workspace

  • Sanitation and teardown procedures

  • Client consultation and waivers

  • Contraindications

  • Aftercare

  • Charging for your service

  • Pigments 101

  • Color Theory


And much more.  Join us for this information packed course with how to videos, downloadable material, tests and plenty of hands-on, step by step practice.  

*Course requires a bloodbourne pathogen certificate.  You can find the link below to get certified through OSHA.  Once you receive your certificate, upload it below.

*It is your responsibility to find out if your state requires you to be licensed.  If you have to be licensed to tattoo on a person, you must get a license and upload a copy to the upload button below.



1 Verneir Caliper

1 Mapping Pencil

1 Face Mask

Makeup Train Case

1 year course access

Certification with authentic seal

Unlimited lifetime access to group forum and support

Downloadable material

15% lifetime discount to PMU products

What you get:  

PMU machine

10 pack needle cartridges

5 pc after care gel

1 pack wipes

2 practice skin for brows

Pre inked string

1 Tape Roll

1 Practice Ink

3 Professional ink colors

1 Symmetry Scale

1 Golden Ratio Compass

1 Anaesthetic NumbingGel